Facebook & Instagram Ads Services


As a business owner there are 1000 things you need to be doing, which let’s be honest, probably play better to your strengths than running your Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns. So, let me do it for you and relax in the knowledge that your campaigns are in safe hands. 

Facebook & Instagram Ads Management

Facebook & Instagram advertising is one of the fastest growing and most targeted methods of advertising available to any e-commerce business.

With more and more business going online, digital advetising has become a priority.

How does it work? Facebook advertising does this by allowing you to target specific audiences by using by the immense amount of data Facebook has about its users. 

Anyone can run Facebook ads, but running ninja targeted high performing ads is a skill! Without this knowledge you can easily waste money and achieve very little in return.

Let me take the pressure off you. I will develop your strategy and deliver your ads on your behalf leaving you time to focus on what you’re good at – running your business. 




My fees start from £600 per month (for an Ad Spend up to £999 per month), plus a one off set up cost of £350

My fees scale in line with your Ads budget. Once I have an understanding of your objectives, I can provide a recommended Ads budget 
Required ad spend: Starting a minimum of £300 per month


If you’re ready yet for Ads Management why not consider my Power Hour or Nurture Packages options.

Please note: my fee is in addition to your ad spend which is payable directly to Facebook

How does the process work

Hurray!! You’ve decided to work with me. Now, how do we start?
STEP 1 includes loads of questions and the process  can be a bit fiddly. I will require access to your ad account and Business Manager (don’t worry if you don’t have one I can help you set that up). We will run through a few questionnaires this will help me to gain the best understanding possible of your business and your objectives. From there I can then start to build a strategy which meets your business needs. 


SET UP. I will dig deep into your customer personas and create ninja targeted audiences, so you can reach directly into the feeds of those who want to hear from you.

If you don’t have a Facebook Pixel on your website, we’ll set that up. And don’t worry that’s something I can walk you through.

At this stage we will make sure that everything is in order before we start running your ads.


Now that everything is set up  – now it’s time to run those ads. This is one of the most important stages of running a successful ad campaign because now it’s time to learn and test.

Through the learning and testing phase, I can hone, amend and optimise your ads to ensure max performance in achieving your objectives.

STEP 4  

This is the ongoing delivery of your ads. They will be monitored on a regular basis to check performance and make tweaks, if required, to maximise success and minimise ad fatigue amongst your audience.

Reports? Is entirely up to you, whether that’s weekly, monthly or not at all. Ideally the ads will speak for themselves and your business will be flourishing.

I’m ready when you are!